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  1. Miady LED Desk Lamp 3.5W 48 LEDs Table Lighting, 3 Color Temperatures x 4 Brightness Modes, Eye-Caring, Dimmable Office Gooseneck Lamp with Adapter, S

    Purchased via Amazon, however no power cord included or adapter. Please send a replacement or adapter/cord.

  2. On charging- is it full charged when all four lights are flashing or do they all need to be permanently on?

  3. My Miady model AS TPB21 (10000mah) quit working while using with my heated vest. No lights come on when I push the button or when charging. I’ve tried 3 cords that charge other devices but don’t charge the Miady.
    I love the slim size of this Miady but was only able to use it 4 times before it quit. It was given to me as a gift last Christmas (less than a month ago).
    What options do I have for replacement?

  4. I replaced the cable but it is still not working. What should I do?

  5. I just got Miady power bank AS-TPB21 on Christmas. It’s a set of two – one black and one white. Power banks gets charged fully and all 4 LEDs light up but neither of them charge my phone. I have used different cables.

  6. Hi I got two Miady 10000mAh portable chargers a few months ago. I have not tried to use them until recently. I fully charged both power banks, but I am still unable to charge my phone with either of them. Why is this?

  7. Hi there, I bought your two pack from Amazon, black and white one. The black one works fine. The white one does not work at all so hoping you can send me out a replacement or I will return them both to Amazon.

  8. i have two miady rectangular rechargeable light. I bought them thru ebay . one does not charge and no light. second one workes and recharges. I would like to return them. they look new and have had them just a few months. can you help me

  9. Hi,
    I bought Miady LED Desk Lamp 6W 48 LEDs Table Lighting and after one month it started flickering and turning off without a reason.

  10. I ordered the two batteries and charger package. Charger ONLY charges battery # 1. I can’t find ANY customer support. I am leaving a 1 star review on Amazon, returning & buying from different manufacturer.

  11. I bought two phone battery phone chargers and one exploded how do I get a replacement

  12. Hi, your user manual states that your portable chargers are covered by an 18mo warranty from the date of purchase and to please contact your support team with order number. My black charger has been working great, however the white charger, which I never used, had a battery that unfortunately had swollen up inside as if it had been overheated from overuse. It needs to be returned, how do I activate my warranty with your company?

  13. I bought a 2 pack of mini powerbanks. One will not charge

  14. Both of my chargers stopped working after working the first time. I have an older iphone, but not sure why both chargers stopped working.

    Please advise.

  15. I have tried to do warranty since last week. I bought the 2 pack (black and white) the black one works. I plugged the white one in for 4 hours and it started smoking almost starting a fire and it melted around the area that you plug it into!! Now what?

  16. Hi I ordered these via Amazon, however after a 3 months of use, they are both no longer providing a full charge to any device I try to charge. Expected this product to last a lot longer than 3 months. Could you please contact me for a refund pls.

  17. Hello, I need to contact customer service to activate my warranty, can someone please assist with this? I can’t find any contact info

  18. I bought the Miady 2-Pack 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger, USB-C Fast Charging Power Bank, Backup Charger for iPhone 14, Galaxy S22, Pixel and etc on Amazon and I only received 1 in the box. I ordered the black and white one and only received the white one.

  19. can you charge a 10000 mah using a fast charging cable

  20. I recently bought your black and white 2 pack.

    I have not used, but charged. Why does the white one blue lites stay on while black one shuts off?

  21. Hi.
    What is the warranty on these? One of my battery’s just dies immediately. I bought it off Amazon.

    Who can I contact about a replacement?

  22. One of my devices works, the other does not.

  23. I purchased two lights MI-LDL04x2. I had hoped they were the lights that came on when the electricity goes off. My mother had one and I thought I was purchasing the same thing. She is on oxygen and needs to be alerted when her oxygen turns off. I cannot tell if the replacement lights I just bought have this feature. Can you help me?

    • You bought the usual portable LED lamp. If you need a specific use scenario, you need to buy a special adapter that will detect the changes and give the command to the lamp.

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