Miady Portable Charger FAQ

Welcome to the Miady Portable Charger FAQ manual, where we provide expert answers to frequently asked questions regarding Miady power banks. Portable chargers have become essential accessories for those relying on electronic devices throughout their day, with Miady quickly becoming one of the go-to brands when it comes to quality yet budget power bank solutions.

This guide covers a range of Miady products and accessories, from compatibility with different devices to charging times, safety considerations, warranty information, and warranty extensions. We aim to help you better understand Miady devices so that you can maximize their use as quickly and efficiently as possible – whether you are a frequent traveler or an avid businessperson with a lot on your plate, this article should answer all your power bank-related queries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Portable Charger Require Charging Before Usage?

Yes, charging the portable battery before first use is recommended to ensure its maximum potential is realized and for optimal performance. This ensures the device provides top-tier results and performance.

Does Miady Come With Cables or Adapters?

All Miady power banks include an attached micro USB/Type-C charging cable to charge itself; some models may include additional cables/adapters depending on what the package includes. It is always prudent to check what comes included before buying, to make sure all necessary accessories will be present for optimal functioning of devices connected.

What Makes Miady Unique From Other Brands?

Miady stands out from the competition due to its superior construction, advanced safety features, and competitive pricing. Key features that set Miady portable chargers apart from others are

  • When purchased from an official retailer, two chargers are always included instead of one! They support fast charging technologies such as Quick Charge and USB-PD to charge your device quickly and efficiently.
  • Miady offers high-capacity options, from compact models that fit easily in your pocket to larger units that can charge multiple devices at once.
  • Portable chargers come equipped with advanced safety features like overcharging protection, short circuit protection, and overcurrent protection to safeguard both your devices as well as prevent damage to them and their power banks themselves.
  • Miady power banks are competitively priced compared to similar brands with similar features, making them an exceptional value for consumers looking for premium quality portable charging solutions.

What Are the Differences Between a Power Banks and a Portable Chargers?

Both “power banks” and “portable chargers” refer to portable devices designed to charge other electronic devices – typically smartphones or tablets – on the go, though people sometimes distinguish them with different usage. Some use “portable charger” specifically to refer to devices with one charging port while “power bank” often refers to ones equipped with multiple ports as well as features like LED lights or built-in flashlights – although often, functionally, their similarities make these terms synonymous!

Is Miady Compatible With Fast Charging Technologies Like Quick Charge?

Yes, all Miady chargers are provided fast charging technologies such as QC and PD, which allow efficient charging of devices quickly and effectively – saving both time and providing enough power to keep devices running throughout the day. However, it’s always wise to check individual model specifications to ensure compatibility for optimal results.

Do Miady Power Banks Have Safety Features to Prevent Overcharging or Short Circuiting?

Portable chargers contain several built-in safety measures designed to safeguard both themselves and any devices they charge – for instance:

  • Overcharging protection prevents damage to the battery by discontinuing charging once fully charged, while Short Circuit Protection suspends charging in case a short circuit occurs.
  • Overcurrent protection captures current flowing through a charging circuit at safe levels to help safeguard it against overcharging or temperature fluctuation.
  • Temperature protection helps avoid damage to batteries and devices by continuously monitoring temperature variations and adapting charging rates accordingly.

Are Miady Power Banks Water Resistant to Rainwater Damage and Moisture Penetration?

Not all models can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture or liquid. Before purchasing a model, carefully read its specifications and user manual to determine if it is water resistant. For use in wet or outdoor environments, look for models that are specifically rated as waterproof or rugged.

What Is My Ideal Power Bank Size and Capacity Needs?

This depends on your individual needs and usage patterns. Important things to consider when choosing a power bank are

  • Gadget types (phones, tablets, or laptops) you need to charge.
  • The frequency you want to charge them, and the battery size requirements of any new devices you may be adding.
  • Amount of gadgets you need to charge at the simultaneously.
  • Amount of energy your devices require.
  • Frequency and duration of your use.

As a rule of thumb, power banks with capacities between 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh should be sufficient for charging smartphones or other small devices. Larger capacities in the 20-30mAh range may also be appropriate for charging tablets, laptops, or other higher-capacity devices.

What Are Safety Considerations When Utilizing a Power Bank?

As with any electronic device, safety precautions apply when charging with any type of battery bank such as this one:

  • Always use authorized charging cables and adapters from the manufacturer or a reputable third party to avoid the risk of overcharging or shorting.
  • Avoid exposing portable batteries to extreme temperatures, moisture, or direct sunlight, as this may adversely affect their performance and cause a fire or explosion. Also, puncturing or crushing devices could further damage your battery and increase the risk of fire or explosion.
  • Do not place the portable charger near flammable materials, such as gasoline or propane, as this may cause an explosion.
  • When not in use, store it in a dry area to prolong its life and protect it from possible damage.

Are Miady Batteries Compatible With Devices Requiring High Power (Laptops, Charger Stations)?

Miady power banks are generally designed to work with a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to some laptops. However, before choosing one for use with high-powered gaming consoles or laptops, be sure to read the specifications and compatibility details carefully, as each model may have specific compatibility requirements or restrictions (maximum output power or voltage levels that prevent compatibility) that could prevent your power bank from charging these types of items.

To ensure compatibility it would be wiser to look for one with higher capacity/output power ratings when searching for models with more powerful capabilities – this way any issues should arise from being compatible devices rather than simply not using another model available within that one allowing high-powered device charging technology to work more smoothly with Miady.

Does It Harm My Portable Charger To Charge For Long?

Although leaving a device charging all day can generally be safe, overcharging can reduce its lifespan over time and result in faster degradation and reduced capacity over time. To prevent overcharging use the appropriate power bank charging cable and adapter. Unplug once fully charged (most portable batteries contain built-in safety features that stop charging upon battery fullness).

How Can I Keep My Portable Charger Healthy and Extend Its Lifespan

Here are a few suggestions on how to maintain the health and longevity of your portable charger:

  • Use only charger cables provided by its manufacturer or an accredited third-party vendor to guarantee compatibility and safety when charging up the device.
  • Keep your portable charger stored away from direct sunlight or sources of heat to avoid direct exposure to direct sunlight and sources of heat, such as sources of moisture or extreme temperatures which could potentially harm its batteries.
  • Your power bank must be charged regularly to maintain its full charge capacity and avoid fully discharging its battery, which would shorten its lifespan and limit its performance.
  • When storing a powerbank for an extended duration, partially charge its batteries at about 50-60% to prevent overcharging and extend the battery lifespan.

Can I Take My Power Bank on a Plane?

According to TSA guidelines, portable chargers or power banks are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage as long as certain restrictions apply; most airlines only allow power banks for carry-on use and the capacity must be between 100Wh and 160Wh depending on the airline you are checking in with – please check with your airline for specific policies regarding the use of power banks on flights!

Can I Charge My Portable Battery While Charging Another Device?

For best results, it is not recommended that you charge your portable charger while using it to power another device, as this can stress the batteries and significantly reduce their lifespan. Instead, charge it separately to give it time to fully charge before using it to power other devices.

Can I Charge My Miady Power Bank with a Solar Panel or Car Charger?

Yes, as long as the charging source meets the voltage and current requirements for your power bank’s input voltage/current specifications. Most power banks include standard USB input ports which allow charging from various sources – solar panels or car chargers included! However, please consult its specifications before charging from these sources to ensure compatibility.

What Is the Warranty Period and What Does It Cover?

Miady portable chargers come with an 18-month standard warranty period which covers defects in materials or craftsmanship that result in replacement or repair services available without cost to the end user. However, please keep in mind that it doesn’t apply for damage resulting from accidents, misuse, or unapproved modifications of products such as accidents. For more details regarding warranty coverage for specific Miady charger models, you may wish to refer to their product documentation or customer support for more assistance.

How Can I Tell if My Power Bank Is Fully Charged?

Check the LED indicators or the info screen on the device. All Power Banks are equipped with LED indicators that show the battery level or charging status.

How Can I Reset Miady If It Stops Working or Becomes Unresponsive?

If your Miady power bank stops functioning normally or becomes unresponsive, following these steps to reset it could help:

  1. Disconnect all cables from it.
  2. Press and hold down on its power button for approximately 15 seconds.
  3. Use it and reconnect the cables.
  4. Charge or use as usual.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact the manufacturer for support or warranty options.

Can I Use a Portable Charger to Charge Multiple Devices at Once?

While certain portable chargers can charge multiple devices at once, it is essential that before selecting your power bank you check its specifications carefully to make sure it has multiple output ports or enough capacity for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

Miady portable chargers offer an efficient and dependable means to power devices while you travel. By understanding which factors to keep in mind when selecting and maintaining a power bank, and its proper usage and upkeep, Miady products provide optimal use. By answering frequently asked questions with helpful hints from Miady staff members as well as regularly using and charging portable battery power banks with confidence wherever your journey may lead you!

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  1. I have a Miady 12.8v 36Ah battery (12/28/2022 via Amazon). No load voltage is 12.79v, under load 1.7v.

    Configuration consists of:
    Connections through a Chunzehul PWRpath F-1006 power Transfer switch
    load: Raspberry Pi
    Battery: Miady unit
    Power Supply: 13.8v power supply

    This is after several months operation. When I remove the power supply the switch fails to maintain power to the RPi. Suspect F-1006 charging circuit isn’t supported by your battery and it discharged??

    Tried with a different LiFePO4 with BMS and switch works properly and charging light on.

    Note that the charge light doesn’t indicate unit charging when first installed (figured fully charged).

    Question then is can this battery be saved? Guessing need different separate charger specifically for this battery and don’t use with the F-1006??

    Please advise.


  2. Non existent customer service. I hope Amazon returns my money and I’ll buy from another company

  3. Hi, I brought the charger from Amazon and I took it today from the drawer and found it expanded in one side (like the battery exploded) I have pictures of the problem, I need a replacement as it’s in the warranty period.

    • Contact the retailer where you purchased the product.

      • Hi,
        My daughter bought Miady 2-Pack 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger from Amazon. And one of them can’t charge it anymore. Even though showing 3 bar lights but still can’t charge. How long is warranty of this product?

  4. I received the wrong size battery so I ordered another one. How do I ship it back. It was bought through Amazon.

  5. Have a charger which seems to swollen, is this in danger?

    Covered under warranty?

    • Yes, this kind of thing can cause a fire or an explosion. It will be replaced if the battery is badly bloated due to a factory defect. If it is due to incorrect battery use, then no, the warranty does not cover it. In any case, contact a service center for diagnosis. You will find the contacts in the manual, which was in the kit.

  6. Hello, My name is rick, I run our lab at Clark County Mosquito Control District. We have been using the Miady model AS-TPB21 to power a mosquito trap. In past years we have used them with very few failures. This year we ordered another 20 new power banks and were surprised to have many failures, about 6 out of 10. The power bank runs a small fan and a 5mm led. I see on your website that this power bank has problems with charging low power consumption devices. My guess is that this is where the problem is. Typically we set the traps in the field overnight, they need to continuously for up to 24 hrs.
    The problem we’re having is after connecting the power bank our trap, the trap functions perfectly for about 3 minutes then shuts off. If you push the power button or disconnect/reconnect the USB cord it start up again, runs for about three minutes and shuts off. This occurs seemingly random as to which trap/power bank fail or operate continuously.
    My question is is there something I can do to modify my trap so it uses a little more energy and will fix our problem. I was thinking of adding more LED lights to fix it or changing the resistor for the light. Do you have a different product that would be better? One more consideration is weatherproofing, We set our traps outside so it would help if it was waterproof, Do you have any suggestions. rick

    Rick Westre
    Clark County Mosquito Control District
    Mosquito Lab Supervisor

    • I bought a two pack from Amazon and one of the exploded on my son’s desk

      • Contact Miady Support. All information is listed on your profile page where you bought the power bank. There are also contacts on the buds package.

    • Hi Rick,

      I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with the Miady portable charger. Based on your information, the low power consumption of your trap’s fan and LED may be causing the power banks to shut off prematurely. Adding more LED lights or modifying the resistor might increase the power consumption, but it’s not guaranteed to solve the problem.

      Instead, I recommend looking for a power bank for low-power consumption devices. Power banks in the market have a feature called “low power mode” or “trickle charge” mode, which ensures that even devices with low power requirements can be charged or powered continuously.

      Additionally, since you mentioned the need for weatherproofing, looking for a power bank with an IP rating indicating its resistance to water and dust would be beneficial. An IP67 or higher rating would protect against water immersion and ensure durability in outdoor settings.

      Unfortunately, the Miady portable batteries are budget-class and mainly used for smartphones. They do not have a low current charge mode or water protection. Try using an adapter from a power bank so it shows a higher current consumption. I hope this helps, and I wish you success in finding a portable battery that meets your needs.

  7. Do you have a MSDS for the 15000mAH?

    • Yes, the manufacturer guarantees the safety of ALL its products. To find out more, you can contact the seller directly for further details.

      • I purchased several Miady 10000 mAh batteries and I need to ship them. Where can I find the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)?

        • Miady Support July 9, 2023 at 11:26 am

          Contact Product Support. All information is listed on your profile page where you bought batteries.

  8. Purchased from Amazon on 8/29/2022:

    Miady 2-Pack 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

    One charger will no longer accept charging cord: falls out without making connection.

    Need replacement charger as soon as possible please.

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