Miady 15000mAh Portable Charger (Power Bank)

With 15000mAh power capacity, an iPhone 11 can be charged to its full power 3.4 times, or a high capacity smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S20 can be charged to its full power about 2.6 times. You can also plug in two smartphones for simultaneously juicing up.

People are highly dependent on electricity and electronic devices, and staying always connected, even on long trips, helps power banks. But when choosing a battery for travel, in this review, we will consider such a model. In addition, you should consider the capacity and other indicators such as power and functionality. Therefore, today we will try to talk in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the Miady 15000mAh Portable Charger (Power Bank) and tell you what you can power it and how many times.

Name (full) 2-Pack Miady 15000mAh Portable Charger
Charging devices 2 ports USB-A
Charging Power Bank Micro USB, USB Type-C
Protection class Without water and dust protection
Displaying information 4 LED status indicators
Fast charging Power Bank Yes, using the 5V/2A connector
Capacity 2-Pack 15000mAh
Compatibility Android, iPhone, Smart Watch
Dimensions 6 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches
Weight 7.1 ounces

Today, look at the popular portable charger with USB C output – remember, the smaller 5000mAh model only had the ancient Micro USB port. Let’s also look at other interesting features of the power bank, it’s packaging, and its compatibility with various devices because it comes with two 15000mAh batteries, giving good autonomy during trips or long power outages.

First Look

Miady 15000mAh Portable Charger review

How much does a good 15000mAh Power Bank cost? It isn’t easy to answer because the criteria for everyone may be different. But this model deserves attention, as it provides two batteries at once and is of good quality. Yes, you can find better – Miady Portable Charger has small problems with capacity and power. Still, considering that the device is positioned as a smartphone charger, they can be forgiven. The affordable price and the build quality are also nice – the batteries work well and meet customer expectations, as you can see by the comments on Amazon.

The model is suitable for people of any age: it is small and compact: and one battery weighs only 200g, which is comparable to the weight of a modern smartphone in a case.

The number of coloring abounds as the classic black and white, and bright, youthful colors including:

  • Green and Purple;
  • Cream Blue and Pink;
  • Red and Blue.

Some owners initially doubted: do they need two power banks of such capacity at once? However, considering the price, it is a reasonable choice and just convenient: you can leave one portable charger on charge at home, and you will always have a replacement in case of emergencies or unscheduled trips.

Design and Dimensions

The appearance is not much different from the younger 10000mAh model: it is a compact and neat case with a rough surface and texture reminiscent of a cloth. However, the side edges stand out a little because they are not matte but glossy, unlike the sides.

On the top of the bottom are LED charge indicators – 4 pieces. Above and to the left is the inscription “MIADY”, without background as in previous models. In contrast, it is either lighter or darker, depending on the color of the powerbank.

The ports are on the side edge under the LED indicators, and the right is the power button.

As a result, the model has a very simple and familiar design with interesting color solutions.


Miady 15000mAh Power Bank Review

Miady manufactures various products, and their Power Banks are some of the best portable chargers in their segment. This is confirmed by both user reviews and the “Amazon’s Choice” mark. Such a power bank should be capacious, high quality, and safe. And with this model is doing well because it protects from the following:

  • High Voltage;
  • Short circuit;
  • Overheating;
  • Overcharging;
  • It regulates the current flow and has Anti-reverse technology.

In addition, the battery can be transported in an airplane because it has the appropriate characteristics and safety standards.


Now let’s take a look at what ports the Miady Portable Charger has:

  • 2 USB Type-A | 5V / 2A;
  • Micro USB | 5V / 2,0A;
  • USB-C | 5V / 2,0A.

Note: The model can use the USB-C port only as an input port – to charge the portable charger. It is not possible to charge the phone – if you have a cable type USB-C to USB-C, you can use an adapter, but they are quite rare.

How to properly charge a portable charger Miady? It is advisable to use cables from the kit or other quality wires. Charging through Type C is faster. We advise you not to charge the battery to 100%: although the device has protection against overcharging, the sudden change in temperature (went in winter from the street into the house and vice versa) can lead to a sharp jump in capacity, so it is better to have a reserve.


best portable charger power bank

This model has a capacity of 15000mAh. And considering that there are two of them in the kit, their total capacity is about 30000mAh. Because the current figures are lower and close to 10000mAh, this is normal and inherent in all power banks. The matter is the current and voltage that converts to the required 5V / 2A and natural losses. The only exception is a Miady 5000mAh model, which shows true scores as much as possible.

The battery is capable of outputting up to 4A at the same time but via two USB-A channels. The maximum current per port is 2A, but you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Charging information for popular smartphones:

  • iPhone 11: 3.4 charges;
  • Galaxy S20: 2.6 charges;
  • Pixel 3: 3.6 charges;
  • Motorolla Moto G Power: 2.2 charges.

With autonomy, everything is fine, even the most powerful new smartphones can be charged at least 2 times, with budget models the situation is even better.

How long the Power Bank keeps the charge if you do not use it is impossible to answer this question exactly. It all depends on battery wear, temperature, and even the charger. However, we recommend charging the battery at 70% of the maximum if you do not plan to use it soon. This will preserve the charge and not bring it to critical levels.

Information Value

how to charge miady portable charger

No innovations here: 4 LEDs indicate the charge, each displaying 25% of the amount. No other data is displayed. So how to turn on the Power Bank and see the charge? It is enough to press the power button on the right side.

You do not need to turn off the battery – it turns off itself after 30 seconds of inactivity or a fully charged smartphone.


The model is compatible with 99% of all Android and iPhone smartphones, and the operating system’s version is unimportant. However, you can not power a laptop – not enough power – you need 45W+ or a portable power station.

Miady emphasizes that their portable charger was created to be a smartphone charger. Of course, you can charge other compatible devices like Bluetooth headphones and speakers. But be careful with daisies, circuit boards, and other specific gadgets: the power of a power bank may not be enough or vice versa – low-consumption light sources may turn off after the 30s because the Power Bank thinks that nothing is connected to it. Also, it would help if you did not connect sensitive equipment.

Package Contents

Miady puts the following in the box with their Power Bank: a manual for use, two powerbanks, and two USB-A to Micro USB cables. There’s also an official 18-month warranty from the manufacturer and 24/7 support.

Important! Miady charger or Lightning cable, often depicted in promotional pictures, are not included, as the company warns, but not everyone notices this inscription.

8.7Expert Score
Miady 15000mAh Review Results

To sum it up, we can safely say that this 15000mAh Portable Mobile Charger is a great option for its money. You get two high-quality, compact portable chargers with protection against overheating and short circuits, the ability to charge two devices simultaneously, and a USB Type-C port. The main thing is to use it as intended, avoiding powerful and low-powered devices, and the lack of a display can be forgiven, given the price and class of the power bank.

  • Ideal for traveling
  • Multiple safety protections
  • Variety of colors
  • Charge two gadgets at the same time
  • Disconnect after 30s of inactivity
  • Does not work with low-power devices
  • USB-C is an input port
  • LED indication of the charge
  • The actual capacity is slightly lower

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Miady 15000mAh Portable Charger (Power Bank)
Miady 15000mAh Portable Charger (Power Bank)
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